Rick’s Cafe Live / Rick and Peter live in the studio
2023/02/10 にライブ配信

Norfolk Waterfront Jazz Festival 08/27/2022 / Peter White & Vincent Ingala

Newport Beach Jazz Festival 6/4/2022 / Peter White & Vincent Ingala
Midnight in Manhattan

Rick’s Cafe Live / Peter White and Rick Braun
2021/02/28 にライブ配信 1時間25分もあります!

Rick’s Cafe Live / Peter White & Gregg Karukas
2020/06/14 にライブ配信

Rick’s Cafe Live / A Tribute To Jeff Golub
No Two Ways About It – Preformed by Randy Jacobs & Peter White


“What Does It Take” — Peter White and Jeff Golub Unplugged 2006