Smooth Jazz Chart November 27,2021

2021年11月27日(土)付ではビルボードのSmooth Jazz Airplayでは サックス奏者 Pamela Williamsの
Smooth Jazz Networkでは Jimmy B の”In the wind”がNo.1となっていますがこの曲は2018年に
11月29日(月)付のSmooth は Nilsのアルバム「Caught In The Groove」が再びトップに

songs of the week
In the wind / Jimmy B


album of the week
Fire & Desire/Vincent Ingala

 Smooth Jazz Network
11/27,2021 songs of the week
11/29,2021 album of the week
1 In the wind / Jimmy B. Caught In The Groove/Nils
2 I’m every woman / Kim Scott Solid/Boney James
3 City of refuge /Paul Jackson, Jr. Fire & Desire/Vincent Ingala
4 Completely yours / Patrick Bradley SHINE!/Kim Scott
5 Serendipity /
Pamela Williams feat. Gerald Albright
Soul Searchin/Larry Carlton & Paul Brown
6Legacy/Kenny GG-Stream/Gerald Albright
7Sundance /Boney James All About Love/Tony Saunders
8Straight to the Point/Paul TaylorAnd Now This/Paul Taylor
9 Feels so right / Blake Aaron Risin’ Up/Adam Hawley
10Urban Troubadour/Phil DennyExhale/Patrick Bradley